How To SEO Optimize Your Website and Entire Business

SEO Traverse City

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

And this catch phrase is used by various organizations to market these and other services to you. From the old Yellow Page Companies (who charge a lot for doing their version of SEO in my opinion), to many new startups and established businesses in Traverse City.  I can recommend a few!

I have been creating websites that naturally rank well in search for over 15 years. in some ways it’s becoming easier because of the tools Google and Bing provide, but in high-end local markets like Rental Properties and other areas of high competition in has become harder to get noticed because there are so many choices and so much competition from the bigger paid advertisers.

The good news is I know what to do!

And I can do it for you, or we can work on it together. No one knows your business like you do and SEO is not just about serving content up to Google, or with Bing or even People. It’s about making a Foot Print on-line for you so that when someone is looking for your products and services (or maybe the competition’s…) they bump into your site as an option for them to visit or call.  If your foot print is too small they wont see you, and there really is no such thing as too big of a foot print.

What do I mean by an SEO Footprint?

By Foot Print I specifically mean you need to get your website, your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Business Pages, and other social media programs up to snuff and working for you.  It can take time, but the catch is, if you don’t do it and your competition does, you lose market share – basically someone else gets the leads online or the phone calls.

So! SEO and Feet – there is a correlation!

LOL  Give me a call today 231-620-6127 to setup a FREE look at your digital foot print and I will provide you with some basic things that you must do and give you other information so that you can attract customers online and not have to pay for hits and traditional (old school) tactics like the Yellow Pages or that in my opinion simply do not work. Before you open Pandora’s box on your own, or get stuck in a contract with Yellow Pages once again. Please do yourself and everyone a favor and contact myself (or others) that might help you show up in search results organically instead of paying.

Top Tip!

List your business for free on directory sites. The more links in to your site the better!