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12 Steps to Counter Google Changes Jan 2024

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SEO Google Profile Manager Error

#1 thing to do is to gain access to your Google Profile Manager (GPM) and check to see if your are affected by clicking the Performance Button. Next go straight to Business Information and make sure your Name, Address, and Phone # are accurate – update if needed – click save.

#2 thing, Read the 12 steps below, doing what to can to Completely and Accurately update your GPM information. Again the address for this is: you will need the @Gmail email that is associated with this account to login and see your settings.

Here are the top 12 steps you can take to START to regain the standings for your website and in GPM:

  • Claim your Google Profile Manager account if you have not done so yet. Most of The Tech Pro’s customers should have their access email, contact me if you don’t know how to access this, please don’t request new access, just contact me)
  • Verify and update your Business information (Name, Address, Phone #, (NAP) No time for one now! Make sure other settings are updated and saved like: Website, business opening date, real business name if it is different from your website address or what you have listed on your webpage, business photos, logo. handicap accessibility etc. Fill out any and all missing, or inaccurate data.
  • Make a Google Post (like a Facebook post, free and easy) this shows Google you are actively paying attention to the listing. This is the link to info on how to make a Google Post.
  • The Primary Business Owner SHOULD set up two-step verification (you get a text when someone access your account), as well as use Google Authenticator, and ALSO a back up email address needs to be set up (some steps can only be completed by the primary business owner)
  • Check that your Company Address and Hours of Operation on Website matches GPM
  • Verify and update the Services you offer
  • Add/Update Products you offer
  • Add/Update your Business Category (Primary and Additional)
  • Verify and update your Service Areas (nothing over 2 hours away)
  • Update the questions in the “More” Tab when Editing your Profile (Fill out ALL that you feel comfortable with, the more the better)
  • Get reviews from customers and respond to them (positive and negative reviews) This is a must
  • Try running Google Ads, not free, but its probably less than you think? – see below.

What can you do to boost your business while Google verifies your information and begins to re-rank your business in Google Search, and on your Website?