Website Design and Hosting in Traverse City

Increasing demands on website owners to become compliant with search engines in order to be found and listed has increased our customer base here at The Tech Pros! Because we know what to do with Google, Bing, Facebook, and other sites to increase your businesses customer base and keep the phones ringing.

Join the crowd! [Click Here to See our Portfolio of Hosted and Created sites] And hire Mark Hoffmeister to help you with any aspect of your web presence from site creation and social media management to Website and Email Hosting. There is a huge advantage to having a local designer and consultant help you with your online presence over going with the high pressure, expensive, and old fashion “Book” type media companies. No one knows your business like you do and I can help you control your business online.

Let me work with you, rather than having some unknown stranger or big corporation “take over” your website and online presence for cheaper, faster, and all around better results by focusing on organic search optimization, and target campaigns, many of which are FREE, even on FaceBook.

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